Hugs & Cookies

I’ve had a couple of experiences this week where friends were struggling with problems I didn’t know how to help with, or even how to begin to comfort them. While making cookies for one of my friends, I realized that even if I can’t do anything to really solve their problems, I can do a little bit, through cookies and hugs and many other ways, to bring a little bit more joy to this world. Even though I can’t do everything, I can do something small that matters.

Note: if you are seriously struggling with the things mentioned in this poem, please seek help.

Hugs & Cookies

When Addiction shreads your life apart,
And nothing matters more then your next fix,
Let me hug you untill you know you matter,
And let fresh cookies remind you how reality tastes.

I have no cure for Depression,
No way to stop the bleak, oppressive thoughts,
But I’ll bring you cookies so you know life’s not all bitter,
And hug you so you know there’s someone there.

When Anxiety’s crippling thoughts have you trapped
In a downward spiral I can’t break you from,
I’ll hug you until you remember someone else exists,
And bring you cookies, so you know somebody cares.

Loneliness will tear you down to worthlessness, to dust
And I don’t know how to build you back up.
But I can bring you hugs to show you that you are not alone,
And cookies to remember me by when I’m gone.

I am no Atlas who could lift
The Stress from off your shoulders.
But cookies can distract you for a bit, help you relax,
And hugs make the load lighter, I have found.

I’ve never been Assaulted, Abused, or Cast Aside
I don’t know how to heal such deep scars.
But if you want, I’ll hug you so you know real love exists,
And bring you cookies so you know others truly care.

When good friends Take Their Lives, and forever leave us,
I cannot bring them back, though I may wish I could.
I’ll bring you cookies, so you know you’re not in this alone,
And hug you so you know your pain is felt and heard.

I can’t do very much against the struggles of this life,
I’m just one man, and the world is just so big.
But my love is real, please see that in my cookies and my hugs.
I’ll do my small part to bring you joy.

Life’s Grand Rehearsal

Originally published 11-18-19

Last Tuesday I almost didn’t go to the BYU Devotional. Nevertheless, I felt like I should, even though it was just a dance performance devotional. I’m really glad I went, though. Not only was it a really well done performance, but I also felt impressed with a couple of ways dancing relates to the Gospel and to Christ’s Atonement.

Later, I sent this out to the dance department, and they really enjoyed reading it!

Life’s Grand Rehearsal

Our joy is not just in the dancers’ grace
or eloquence they find in every turn,
but in the leaps and dips and pirouettes
is the awe of what we, too, could someday learn.

Our joy is not just in the blind man’s sight
or in the lepers, healed and whole and clean,
but in the Man who raised the blind man up
and all that He can help us someday be.

The hours of perfecting practice spent
in repetitions, slip-ups, trips and falls
make us better dancers for the trying.
Mistakes just become memories, after all.

The millions of trials we go through,
the times we mess up over and over again
refine our souls as nothing else quite can,
if we let Christ erase our every sin.

A dance is not just one person, alone
on stage and with a snare drum for a heart,
but teams and groups and partners who each try
to work together for this work of art.

We were never meant to live solo,
or try with just our strength to make it home,
but family, friends, the Spirit and the Son
will help us never have to dance alone.

Two kinds of people

Originally published 6-29-19

This poem is based off one of the lines I best
remember from my middle-school English teacher, Mr. Wicks.

Two Kinds of People

There are two kinds of people in this world.
Know what they are,
To categorize, divide, organize, and separate them.

There are two kinds of people
In this world:
1. Those who are God’s children, and
2. Those who aren’t.
Quite simple—love God’s Children,
Ignore everyone else.
Serve God’s children,
Ostracize the rest.

It makes life easier, nicer, to know
That there are just two kinds of people.