Counting to Infinity

Originally published 05-05-19

I know it has been a while since I wrote, I was busy and on vacation. Nevertheless, here is a poem I wrote today. It was inspired by a comment someone made during fast and testimony meeting, which became the third-to-last line.

Counting to Infinity

One life, ticking by.
Two eyes, to always seek those in need.
Three square, daily meals to care for my body.
Four limbs to walk with strangers, to lift up tired hands.
Five fingers to grip the pen and write a “thank you.”
Six grades, all A’s, no minuses.
Seven days before it starts all over again.
Eight years of learning, then facing life accountable, for real.
Nine-to-five to feed a future family.
Ten commandments, unrelenting, unbreakable.

Perhaps life isn’t about counting to infinity.
After all, ten plus infinity is the same as a million plus infinity,
And if I let Him, Christ will add to my staggeringly imperfect finite.
He will add the infinity I can never count to.

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