Give Me a Night in Bethlehem

Originally published 03-24-19

I get together with a group of people from my ward every Sunday to talk about what we have learned the past week in our scripture studies. This week we had a good talk about what it means to come close to our Savior and to come to know him. There were a lot of great thoughts and comments, and I put some of my personal thoughts on paper. I want to go to BYU Jerusalem, but I feel like going there won’t help me know Him if I don’t put in the effort to get to know Him now.

Give Me a Night in Bethlehem

Give me a night in Bethlehem
to see that wooden manger
to kneel with shepherds, bow with kings
before my humble Savior.

Give me a day in Nazareth
to walk with the carpenter’s son,
to hear His voice, to know His face,
to see how He showed love.

Give me a night in Gethsemane
to see Him fall and bleed,
to hear Him pray for me—for me
His loving, begging pleas.

Give me a day on Calvary’s hill
to see, hung from my cross,
that He suffered to the very end,
when His great life was lost.

Give me these days—not for faith,
for I already believe in Him—
but that I may know and thank my Christ;
my God, my Lord, my Friend.

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