Miracle to Me

Originally published 04-10-19

Miracle to Me

A carpenter who dressed in homespun wool
changed water into wine, and changed the world
some heard, but didn’t have the faith to go
and follow Him who prophets had foretold.

There are many who dismiss Him as a fraud,
who disbelieve that He was ever real.
They say no one can live once they have died,
but that’s not what I know, not what my heart feels

And with the power of His sacrifice,
I am made clean, I am made calm from sin.
He smooths my troubled heart, and I’m inspired
to change my life—through Him be born again.

And no one will ever see His miracles
until we realize we lack something—
The worth of water in an empty well
turns me to my living King.

He fed the thousands, made the water wine,
raised the dead and made the blind to see.
But when I close my eyes and know He’s there—
that’s the greatest miracle for me

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