Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Originally published 03-01-19

A breathtaking mosaic of stained glass,
and shadows fall on all but two panes.

I stop.
The whole window is exquisite,
but only the glass in the sunlight

It sparkles beautifully.

My curious eyes go straight
to the few bright, glittering panels,
and something deep inside me says,

“You, too, are a stained-glass window.
You, too, are a glorious masterpiece
that sometimes won’t let Light through.
You, too, don’t always sparkle.
But you can.”

I cannot forget that day.
I cannot look at a fellow earthly wanderer
and not see their marvelous, divine craftsmanship,
their stained-glass splendor,
and I yearn to see them
glisten their true beauty to the world.

The gospel does not make sand into glass,
it already has ancient, stunning glass to work with.
It makes stained glass sparkle.

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