“Just Be Yourself”

“Just Be Yourself”

“Just be yourself”
The world says,
Just do you, don’t be anyone else —
You are enough.

But who I am right now is not enough —
Not kind enough to care as deeply as I want,
Not strong enough to lift the burdens I wish to shoulder,
Not holy enough to belong with God.
But, with Christ, I can be.

I don’t want to be like no one else —
I want my father’s dedication,
My mother’s patience,
The faith of Alma and Abinadi.
And with God’s help, become like Christ.

I want to be better than just myself.
I want someday to be measured against the stature of the fullness of Christ
And not be found wanting.
And I know I won’t get there just trying to be myself,
But by trying, with Christ by my side, to become more.