We Battle on for Greatness

We Battle on for Greatness

Originally published 02-15-19

We battle on for greatness,
but forget just what that means.
The largest house? The richest life?
such are fa├žades we trade for dreams.

And we give up ourselves,
as we fight to reach the peak.
We rationalize ninety-nine percent good,
and leave the one lost sheep.

We forget the shoulders we ride on,
and let no one stand on ours.
we fight to the end, and find that
the fault was not in our stars,

But that we fought for height, not brightness,
and inside, we are no star.
Our lamp would not guide poor lost sheep
through the darkness very far.

So never trade your values,
Whatever trials may come.
The final battle, after all,
Is for who you will become.